Fair Use Policy


Zone 1 – Calls to Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, Canada
Zone 2 – Calls to any destination outside of Zone 1


In ViTIC’s sole discretion, usage that would be above expected of normal business use (“Excessive Use”), may result in ViTIC either or all of: 1) restricting or terminating your Account, 2) limiting your access to the Services, 3) requiring you to subscribe to additional Paid Services, or; 4) requiring you to pay for prior Excessive Use.

In addition to the above, the following uses of the service for Auto dialing, robocalling or onselling are prohibited.

Zone 2 call volumes should not exceed 10% of total calls per month.

If the use of the service falls outside of the fair use policy, calls outside of fair use will be charged on a per-minute basis at the current rates published on the ViTIC website – https://vitic.com.au/sip-trunk-call-rate-card/